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Agenda 10/3/22 ~ Minutes 8/30/22

CAA Meeting Monday 10/3/22 7pm @ Caz HS (Wellness Conference Room) Attendees: Mike Byrnes, Caitlin Byrne, Tara Bubble, Christina Frega, Tab Rightmyre, Anne Sayre, Bill Dolly, Pamela Prior, Lisa Berson, Brian Young *Meeting minutes in italics. 1) Welcome to any new meeting attendees. Introductions and CAA Q&A. 2) Secretary’s report--Caitlin Review of minutes from 8/30/22 meeting •Minutes approved: motion by Tab, seconded by Caitlin, all in favor •Figuring out who present are CAA members for voting purposes 3) Treasurer’s report—Christina •Current balance: $23,092.69 •Depositing money more frequently from concessions which is great. •Cash donation from one family of $4000. Signage was talked about if everyone approves of that. •They were able to link to our Stripe account that already exists through FamilyID. •Still looking into using credit card for concessions—Chris will look into this. •Venmo—might be a simpler way of doing it—Tara will look into this. •Greenlight was also brought up. 4) Vote to provide funding to every scholastic program •$200 per program (Varsity teams) •24 teams total ($4800) •Chris made the motion, Tab seconded, executive council approves $200 donation per team for a total of $4800 for the 2022-2023 school year sport seasons. 5) Executive Board Membership/Structure •Still looking for new membership •Co-president, concession chair, standing committees (membership, concessions, publicity, HOF) •Tab will be stepping down from the CAA Board after this year so the VP role will be open after this year. •Chris would also like to step down from Treasurer after this school year. 6) Fenner project proposals–Anne •Signage—up at Fenner; it’s ready to roll, CAA just needs to approve it. -Tab’s question: Once turf is installed, will Fenner still be used? -Mike’s answer is yes: Both Varsity soccer coaches have said they would like to play under the lights at Fenner whenever possible. -Two different bids for 4 signs: $552 total -Mesh banner is $1208 (plus cost of installation); banner would have to come down in the winter.

-Mike talked to Mr. DiFulvio and got a “soft yes”. -We need to present this donation to the BOE for approval. Tara can write a letter to the BOE right away. -Motion to move ahead made by Anne, seconded by Tab. -Tab makes a motion to approve signage budget at Fenner, Chris seconded. -Tara will bring this to the BOE. •Scoreboard—on the JV field has stopped working because the console got wet and was tripping. That scoreboard at some point will stop working and will need to be replaced. -If the school would buy it, we would want to go that avenue instead of having CAA paying for it. Mike will check with the school to see if there is money in the school budget to replace it this year or next. He will report back to CAA at our next meeting with what he finds out. -Suggestion to move the scoreboard from the football field at the HS to Fenner Field #2 when the new scoreboard is installed. -Cheapest option is to see if Mike can replace the console. •Bill Dolly met with Mike Byrnes, Chris DiFulvio and Geoff Brown about updates at Fenner: -paint -take out the “locker room” Suggestion to share ideas between Cazenovia Youth Soccer Association, CAA and ULA moving forward. Tara will work to improve this communication and invite members to from each group to future CAA meetings. 7) Website–Anne •Started out strong. -Melinda Livingston is the one that has designed this. She’s concerned that there’s not enough content. She’s putting a lot of time into it. What if a student or student group took it over? -Volunteer calendar -Automated emails -Can have links to CYSA and other programs it’s already paid for ($207 annual fee) •Suggestions: Don’t have an independent place for game schedules because things change all the time. -Concession stand link to volunteer •Melinda wants to launch it and then pass it off to someone. Tara will set up the transition and we will go from there. •CAA has never had a webpage 8) Concession Updates •Thank Lisa and Anne because Fenner concessions are open. •Health Department showed up randomly at football game on Saturday.

•Handwashing sink is clogged. Maintenance is aware but it needs to be fixed. Health Department made a note of it. •Lisa is running concession stands non-stop. JV parents are the ones that are helping her the most. Coaches need to broadcast better to their families. Expectation needs to be there. •In a perfect world, a CAA member would attend each Parent meeting. •Lot of good ideas, execution is an issue. -Mike or Molly can send out emails on behalf of CAA, they just can’t give out the parent/player emails. •Health permits were filled out really funky. Before the spring season, we will need to get a new permit for Fenner. 9) Communication with winter coaches, athletes, and families 10) Topics for the next CAA meeting Next CAA meeting: November 7th @ 7pm •winter/spring concession planning •No 501 3C component to the school—as a result, the school is less likely to get big donations from families because there is no tax write-off. -Public or just private schools? We will look into this. -Cazenovia Community Foundation—thought they had one. -Maybe we need to look into how CAA could become a 501 3C. •Student rep/board member 11) Adjourn @ 8:45pm

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